Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Instructions for Mid-Term Requirements for ARC 102 Cal Poly Pomna Students

Students, the following items you need to develop for the Mid-term jury on Feb 1st. 2010 are:
1. Model 1 (5"x5" original cube with 1/3 of its mass missing)
2. Model 2 (10"x5"x2.5") sectional model.
Models should demonstrate a high level of craftmanship and care.

Drawing, which should be developed first in tracing paper and once approved by me on 01/26/09 during class. Once approved the drawings should be drafted in Bristol paper (paper size is 19"x24") with the utmost level o care and craftmanship, as explained to you in class. Use a lead holder mechanical pencil, and 4H, 2H, HB or F as needed contantly sharpening the ends. No cheap mechanical pencils are allowed since they don't provide uniform lines. All corners of the object should meet seamlessly. Use the proper tools to develop your drawings as stated in the syllabus.

The final drawings should be grouped in the following format:
1. Orient your drawings in a "landscape" on the sheet of paper.
1. 2 axonometrics or isonometrics on Sheet 1
2. Sheet 2 should include a longitudinal section, align with a horizontal section (plan) and two transversal sections. Sections should be drafted with a heavier lead HB, 2B or F on the cutting plane and you need to draft what is behind the cutting plane with a lighter lead such as 2h as well as the the hidden volumes using a dash/hidden lines. Remember you don't have to show the thickness of the materials but rather the volumes. (Total 4 sections. For extra credit you may add additional sections to describe your object)
3. Elevations (orthogonal views-flat drawings) that should be arranged in a "T" shape and with the front elevation align with the top and bottom on the left side and the back secion should me aligned with the front elevation towards the center of the sheet, in additon to the two 2.5x5" elevations for consistensy.

Hatching is allowed if you intent to include the shaded parts of the object. But it has to be lines at 45 angles equally spaces and crisp lines.

Finally each one of you have been given individual crits to either redo the model due to poor craftmanship and accuracy. The model should be completed by tomorrow and it has to show a visible improvement from the prior model. No slanted planes, glue stains or gaps. It is up to you to simplify the design. Method: Draw the pieces accurately, cut them all at once using an X-acto knife (change your blade every 6 cuts max) and then glue them using Elmers Glue.

In addition concentrate on drawing on tracing paper all the drawings described above.

I will be posting a sketch of the layout of the drawings shortly and please manage your time wisely. If you need to go to the IDC to draw or work, please do so. There are no exceptions as to the expectations of "skill building" requirements.


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