Friday, October 26, 2007


Another Publication

Andy Linsky and Ana Escalante were interviewed and photographed by "HOme" an Autrian Magazine on 10.26.07 at the Linsky-Thomas Residence. Thank you Silke & Frank for showing interest in our beautiful house. And...Andy, thanks for being such a class act. We hope to get a lot of Austrian clients. Hey, we already have a client in Uganda, why not in Vienna??? a shorter commute anyway.

Friday, October 19, 2007


LEED Rating the Pre-School

Peter & I spent the last couple of hours making sure the preschool becomes a paradigm of LEED rating educational building without breaking the bank. Sound design solutions from the onset of the design process and a thorough understanding of our environment are crucial to its success. I want to go for Platinum, but Silver will do the trick according to Peter. I love when at the end of a work day, two colleagues spent time when everyone has gone home to enjoy their weekend, debating about what is the right thing to do for a project, a great client, its users and our community at large. At Esc Arc, we are certaintly blessed to run our office as a think tank, although at times, we get in eachother's nervers and when opinions and convictions run high, it seems more like a curse.
Thank you guys for being part of my family.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ana Escalante is selected to be a Director for the American Institute of Architects Inland Chapter

Ana was elected by the AIA Inland Chapter to become the new Director for 2008. She and Cliff Cortland attended the gala at the Mission Inn, where she was warmly received by her colleagues and friends. Marta Perlas from Uruguay was a great hostess and great company to both of them. The whole event celebrated in style for the Chapter's 50th. anniversary. Escalante Architects appreciates the honor to serve the AIAIC and its members in Ana's new positition within the Chapter.

Friday, October 05, 2007


A Sustainable Pre-School & Kindergarten

Desert Son-Shine working drawings are in in full-throttle as we speak. The Architectural and engineering team consists of:
Architecture: Ana Escalante, AIA from Escalante Architects, Palm Springs
Structural Engineering: Chuck Whitaker, SE from JA Martin, Los Angeles
Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical, Gregory Morrison, form The PME Group, Palm Springs
Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture & Planning/Environmental: Marvin Roos, from MSA Consulting, Rancho Mirage.
We are excited to provide a carbon-neutral building to our client, David Jacobs, Esq. from the Desert Christian Schools. Our goal is to submit to plan check within a month.


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