Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Discovering Trail Running at Dusk

Thanks Alex, for making me run for an hour in the "Whatever Trail" after work. I tried to make so many excuses "why not to do it" besides the obvious past experience, but you pressed on and I gave in. Thank again, I will need the strength on Thursday.

Sunday, July 27, 2008



"The Linsky-Thomas residence" will be published in Germany in October 2008 on an architectural journal called 'ARCHITHEMA VERLAG". After countless emails exchanges with the editors of the mag, we finally agreed to the publication. Due to language barriers I thought the editor wanted it for "VARIG" which I believe is a Brazilian Airline which in our little world was not up to snuff. Sorry we are becoming very selective and respectful of the wishes of our clients and the publications where their projects may be included. Statistically, 80-90% of our work has been published and received accolades in one way or another. We are very proud of it, but most importantly, it reflects the "precision architect/engineer/inventor mindset with which we approach each project". Our architectural solutions are deceptively simple with a high caliber of aesthetic resolutuions, Our projects, such as this residence in Chino Canyon is adventorous and sincerely attempts to capture the spirit of the place. Congrats to first our clients, Michael and Andy for placing such trust in our abilities, and then thanks to all of you, my team-mates who slaved over and over to make it a reality. Special thanks to Lance who kept me from blowing my career in the process, his patience and contributions to the beauty of the systems, Martin Brunner for agonizing over the minutia of systems integration and finally Rosy Chapa for being such a trooper and jumping through unbelievable hoops.

Friday, July 25, 2008


The virtual Gang

Here is a pic of one of our latest adventures, if you don't recognize the building you have been living in another planet.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Tahquitz Peak trekk

Today, I joined Alex and Flynn on an expedition to summit Tahquitz Peak from Idylwild and it was fun, and exhilirating. The Gods were merciful and did not send rain or lightening. We made it to the top at a blistering pace... the rest was pure joy. The rest will be eloquently described by the photos I will display.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


The London Telegraph Sunday Mag

Dan Bradbudy and Mark Lascombe-Whyte published an article about the Steel House owned by Jim Iserman and we were quoted in the article as being the architects for the studio addition. A little project that has gotten us more publicity and recognition than any other project (with the exception of Bobby's and Andy's). Quite a surprise since I met the writers a couple of years ago and to my surprise, they wrote a beautiful article. So, outside the US, we have been published in H.O.M.E. mag in Austria, the Telegraph and Marie-Claire in Italy. Not bad for us... Let's hope that others will follow.
Congratulations gang!!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


4th. of July - A great Holiday

this holiday reminds us all that we should honor the independence, freedom and blessings to be who we are in our God given land. We, as immigrants or native born celebrate the hard-earned gift to be who we are. At Esc Arc we took a moment to reflect and be greatful for all the sacrifices every American of any allegiance had endured for every one of us and our children to be free, fullfill our destiny and fight for what we believe until there is nothing left.
A weekend of solace and celebration at our ranch in Tehachapi, in company of my daughter and my great friend and brother Alex, is all it took, for this exhausted architect, to be empowered and be filled with enthusiasm (which means in Greek: God within you) and say, "Bring it on... we are ready for any challenge and obstacles Life has in store for us"

The most joyful and instrospective 4th of July I have ever had ever...


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