Thursday, November 29, 2007



We all think at Thanksgiving about gratitude. Thankfulness for things like health, family and friends. But what if we are thankful for things that do not fall into the blessing category. I mean being thankful for the things that normally did not go right at all.

An idea or a relationship that failed. A goal that was not met. An injury. An illness. Loneliness. Delays. Reversals. Embarrassment. Struggles. Weaknesses, Addictions. Temptations. Depression. Setbacks of every kind and every degree.

These types don’t typically make onto the gratitude radar. These things are total flops!!! why should we think about them at Thanksgiving? Why should we consider them at all?

My mindbender came along when I opened my mind (and my heart) to and consider that every “no” makes room for an unexpected “yes”. Every delay, fortifies our patience and allows for time to prepare and mature. Every physical setback forces us to rest and recover, building strength in other ways. Every weakness and temptation heighten our awareness of our need for others and God. Every bout of loneliness or depression remind us to love lavishly when we are able. Every embarrassment keeps our sense of humor intact. Every gaping hole of loss could be a window.

Perhaps every failure is not really a “failure” but a “blessing” in suspicious packaging.

So for all these things, the obviously good is not so obvious. I am going to slow down and think. I am going to appreciate the little things… the gestures, sentiments and details often overlooked. I am going to center myself in gratitude, thankful for the blessing of every kind.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Desert Son Shine Pre-School & Kindergarten

Today Desert Son Shine Preschool & Kindergarten was approved by the Planning Commission 6-1, with accolades from the commissioners for the quality of the building and its environment. Esc Arc, JA Martin, MSA Consulting & PME Group are busting their chops to have the CDs ready by mid December.

Congrats Peter, Marvin, Michelle & Chris for not causing brain damage!!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


It is official... we got the contract for the new library!!!!!

Yesterday, ESC Arc received the contract for full architectural services for the first "green library" in the desert. At the moment, the client will remain anonymous until we submit for pre-application at the Planning Department. Great job Peter, Susana, Stephen, Juju and Cliff. Now, the fun part begins... we are ready to rock!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007


Africa Trip

Ana is scheduled to leave to Uganda on 11/08/07 with Alan Locke from IBE to supervise the construction of the AROH school, clinic and new orphanage. She will be back on 11/23/07 if she can make it to LAX


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