Friday, December 21, 2007


On the Eve of Christmas Holidays

Sacred holidays represent an opportunity for reflection, compassion and grace. 2007 has been a good year for all of us. We have professionally succeeded in new arenas and our work as usual has been uncompromising, meeting our high standards of service and care and as such we have 5 projects ready to go into construction... And we love that part of the job. It is like playing with tinker toys except they involve heavy machinery and a lot of precise labor to put together materials and systems we know intimately in order to tell a story about a place, a site, a client and society at large. In short, WE ARE NOT PAPER ARCHITECTS AND PROUD OF IT!!!!

We also continue to get public recognition and our work is taking us to remote parts of the Earth and throughout California. We are up to the challenge... we never undertake projects we don't believe in, we would rather go hungry... We appeared in magazines and journals, too many to mention, were honored by our peers and even published in a book now available at Barnes & Noble and titled "Dream Homes, Desert". Not bad for an architectural firm breaking all the barriers that in another historical time would have been impossible.

Also, we have experienced losses more than I can dare to mention. My mother passed away, Marco left the office for greener pastures and Justin's dad is critically ill. However, in the midst of our personal crises we have risen above our own humanity and delivered great products, time and time again, whether it was to the affluent client or the orphans in Uganda, our work represents the culmination of our dreams come true. No client walks away knowing he/she will receive anything but first-class service.

Thanks to my team-mates and partners, Susana, Peter, Cliff, Justin and Andrew, we have created a great symbiotic "game plan", we pick where the other one drops dead and each one of us has created a niche where they know instintively when to pick the ball and score for the team.

So, during the holiday season, I can only thank God with open arms for his Grace, nurturing and ability to sustain our dream, which has brought together people from all corners of the planet, and that dream has always been, to produce a meaningful architecture.

Happy Holidays everyone.

God Bless you,

Ana... yes, your Ana


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