Friday, October 19, 2007


LEED Rating the Pre-School

Peter & I spent the last couple of hours making sure the preschool becomes a paradigm of LEED rating educational building without breaking the bank. Sound design solutions from the onset of the design process and a thorough understanding of our environment are crucial to its success. I want to go for Platinum, but Silver will do the trick according to Peter. I love when at the end of a work day, two colleagues spent time when everyone has gone home to enjoy their weekend, debating about what is the right thing to do for a project, a great client, its users and our community at large. At Esc Arc, we are certaintly blessed to run our office as a think tank, although at times, we get in eachother's nervers and when opinions and convictions run high, it seems more like a curse.
Thank you guys for being part of my family.


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