Thursday, April 12, 2007


As we go along... the latest news

On Feb. 15th. we are having a photo shoot with the Los Angeles Times at Bobby Greenbaum's house. I got some phone calls from the editor stating the importance of me being there when that happens... I left a message saying, "Sorry I have a class to teach" so after receiveing a couple of heated voice messages, at the 11th. hour I re-arranged my schedule so my students will drive to Palm Springs and we will have... well, a field trip sort of day. Thanks Axell for cutting me some slack... You are my hero!!!

Oh my!!!! What a surprise!!!! Let's talk about Divine Providence.

The reality is, we are running at a blistering pace, with 15 projects on the boards and 15 great clients, who have earned our respect, trust and admiration. They know we are doing the best we can with their projects and giving them all we have...



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