Sunday, October 15, 2006


Tramway Challenge

Ju-ju, I do not know if you read the blog, but, FYI I ran the race this morning. The excitement of racing took away my common sense, so I went out with the front pack for the first mile... Not a good idea. Afterwards I slowed down what it amounted to a death march. I kept using all the tricks I have learned throughout the years, but none of them worked, like "enjoy the scenery", "look at the sunrise", "isn't the desert beautiful", "you are not falling apart" "that is someone else's huffing and puffing". The last mile was particularly hard... I wonder why? does the 16% slope has anything to do with it? who cares. At the end, I was delirious, suffered a complete heart failure, an asthma attack and all sorts of opportunistic ailments. I will never do it again... Nevertheless, I ran the way back and finally, when I was feeling good at mile 7, I believe I passed out when I saw Lourdes and Sofia running towards me at the bottom of the Tramway.

It was a suffer-fest, you were smart to bail.


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