Escalante Architects, (formerly O'Donnell + Escalante Architects) was established in 1993 by Ana Maria Escalante, AIA and former partner Lance O'Donnell, AIA. Escalante Architects is located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, California. Since its inception, Escalante Architects has developed collaborative working relationships with clients who are operating at the frontiers of their particular fields. The unique interest and ideas of our clients has led to a body of work in which many different approaches to architecture have been explored. Professional services include a wide variety project types, commercial, public and residential work, as well as large scale building design and campus planning. Escalante Architects has completed a wide range of projects of varying scope and complexity. By creating collaborative associations that take advantage of the dissolving boundaries between the fields of design, science and technology, Escalante Architects has become a pioneer in discovering non-standard solutions to unconventional and unique problems.

Escalante Architects selects a number of projects, due to the careful, internal management of each project. From the onset, the architect collaborates with the engineering consulting team members on the design, development and management of the project, working as a team with all members of the firm and consultants, who bring a level of expertise to the design process, in order to achieve the most feasible and elemental solution. Client communication is handled on a weekly meeting (or as needed) basis, via email, teleconferencing, videoconferencing and by posting Auto-CAD drawings or digitized files on the FTP site. In addition to the principal, staff consists of two experienced architects with diverse interests and expertise and four architectural designers. Our office is fully networked and computerized and we have the capability to work and communicate visually from distant locations. We pride ourselves of having the capability to fully model a project using digital technology, regardless of the scope, in order to explore design issues, assist the Owner to visualize the architecture and experience the building and its impact on the landscape before it is built.

Escalante Architect's founder was selected by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as one of the top talents emerging in California and was invited to lecture about her work in the 20001 AIA Monterey Conference. In 2002 Ms. Escalante was invited to lecture at the 7th International Congress of Architecture in Monterrey, Mexico. Her work has been featured in Time Magazine, Architectural Record, Metropolis Magazine and Palm Springs Life.

Currently, Escalante Architect's work is being exhibited at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles, in the New Gen: New Blood Exhibit, sponsored by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the American Institute of Architects.